Book: Feng Shui for Life

Feng Shui for Life: Connecting the Dots

downloadFor me, Feng Shui is a journey, a journey without destination. What matters is being fully present and making the most of every moment at every given place in time.

Learn the beauty of an ancient art in Gisela H. Stehr’s compelling new guide, Feng Shui for Life.

Offering up complex concepts in a streamlined and eloquent format, Stehr explores both the intuitive practice of feng shui as well as her personal journey with it in this easy-to-read handbook, which provides you with all the tools and techniques you need to achieve inner balance, maximum flexibility, and purpose.

Learn to embrace the art of feng shui as a way of life, including how every aspect of life is fundamentally interconnected, including one’s relationships with people, with places and landscapes; how to respect the essence of all nature; how to cultivate healthy flow of energy; how to acknowledge the equal and complementary forces that govern all life; and much more.

Feng Shui for Life teaches readers how to live life through love instead of fear, and how to align inner values with outer manifestations.

With wisdom and elegance, Stehr guides readers through the ins and outs of this truly life-enriching art.

See also the companion CD, The Five Tranformations

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