Feng Shui Astrology

9-Star KI

Like all ancient Chinese arts and sciences, 9-Star Ki astrology – also called Feng Shui Astrology – has grown out of a huge body of knowledge accumulated over many thousands of years, and represents a very complex holistic system. 9-Star Ki astrology originated in China, later enjoyed great popularity in Japan and is now gaining prominence in the Western world. Here it has been recognized as a very accessible system, and as a very useful and practical guide to understanding human relationships.

Feng shui astrology does not intent to predict a person’s future or destiny; rather, it can be considered a practical philosophy that encourages the individual to take an active part in his or her course of life seeking to harmonize his or her life with the earthly and heavenly forces at work. It is an especially valuable tool when it comes to relationship issues. The knowledge of 9-Star Ki gives you more insights into your primary character, your strengths and weaknesses. Through gaining deeper knowledge of self you gain a greater understanding of others and the dynamics of your relationships to them. Ultimately your ability to communicate more effectively will greatly improve.

9-Star Ki is a common-sense approach to relationships – relationship to self to others, in everyday situations and at the workplace. An analysis of you and your partner can vastly improve your relationship and make life more enjoyable.

Services provided include:

  • Individual consulting sessions via phone or in person
  • Analysis of relationship dynamics for couples and groups
  • A special booklet form can be provided as a unique wedding gift or for a new born family member. Analyses are written with respect and humor

“Move through life confidently, with abundance consciousness in your belly and compassion in your heart”