Emerald Feng Shui Institute

Emerald Feng Shui Institute

Gold-levelGold Member School – International Feng Shui Guild

Train to become a Certified Professional Feng Shui Consultant, embark on a New Career or enhance your existing Feng Shui knowledge at the Emerald Feng Shui Institute. Experience a learning environment rich with abundant healthy Chi in beautiful Seattle, Washington in the Pacific Northwest.

Feng Shui Training at the Emerald Feng Sui Institute encompasses the following:

  1. Feng Shui Education in the Intuitive Practice
  2. Feng Shui Design Tools and Techniques
  3. Professional Feng Shui Certification Training
  4. Mentoring and Personal Guidance Throughout Training
  5. Small Intimate Groups To Maximize Your Learning Experience
  6. Qi Cultivation Practice With Sheng Zhen Qigong
  7. Feng Shui Placement in Harmony With Nature
  8. Professional Feng Shui Business Practice
  9. Seminars in Feng Shui Astrology and I Ching

Students at the Emerald Feng Shui Institute learn:

  1. Drawing Fortunate Blessings To Your Home and Business
  2. Enhancing And Activating Vital Qi Flow
  3. Strengthening Your Energy-Sensing And Space-Clearing Ability
  4. Harmonizing Buildings, People and Sites
  5. Fine Tuning Your Space and Garden Design Skills
  6. Advancing Inner Growth and Proficiency
  7. Establishing a Successful Feng Shui Practice
  8. Deepening Relationship Dynamics at Home and at Work using 9 Star Ki
  9. Living To Your Full Potential

All classes at the Emerald Feng Shui Institute aim to creatively and compassionately develop: a space of openness, growth and learning; a place where you can taste the vastness of self and others and the interconnectedness of all; a place to experience the unlimited possibilities offered to you every moment of your life anywhere on this planet.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” W. B. Yeats

About the Emerald Feng Shui Institute

The Emerald Feng Shui Institute, a professional Feng Shui School, was founded in 2004 on the West Coast, in beautiful Seattle, WA. Our mission is to advance the art of Feng Shui as a way of life, bringing empowerment to the people through sharing and cultivating Feng Shui as a mode of designing and living at all levels. The EFSI’s goal is to reach out and work with you in the creation of holistic living environments for the benefit of you, the individual, your family, your community and the environment. The Emerald Feng Shui Institute’s mission is to open you to broader perspectives in your life, – just like the precious stone Emerald does.

All seminars, workshops, professional training and personal mentoring offered by the Emerald Feng Shui Institute provide you, the student, with tools, techniques and resources that strengthen your intuitive skills and connect you to both your inner and outer environments. Our comprehensive approach is deep-reaching, bringing about lasting change and transformation in your home and business while enabling you to live an overall richer life, making better-informed choices inspired by the heart and your true nature.

We at the Emerald Feng Shui Institute believe that Feng Shui should be an integral part in the creation of every home, and in the design process of every building project, thereby creating healthy, balanced homes, prosperous businesses and ultimately healthy and vibrant communities.

The Intuitive Practice of Feng Shui

The art and science of Feng Shui is deep-reaching and multi-layered. Rooted in the ancient wisdom of the I Ching, Feng Shui is not merely an art of moving furniture and re-arranging physical spaces. Feng Shui is about aligning your environments, the inner and outer ones, with the prevailing universal forces at work. The intuitive practice of Feng Shui is specifically reinforced by sensing the energy flow, or “flow of chi”. It is enhanced by the practitioner’s intuition, the ability of reading and interpreting the environment, and of tuning in. Relating the environment’s flow of chi with the individual person’s chi is an important component; so is correlating the individual’s astrology, its characteristics and elements, to the prevailing currents and elements of the land.

Feng Shui Training explores ancient principles as they evolved over centuries and applies them to modern-day situations. At the same time it taps into your intuitive knowledge within and activates your dormant natural creativity. Your path will unfold to its full potential in every space and at every moment of your life. All the tools you need are given to you in the 7-Day Feng Shui  Intensive.

7-Day Feng Shui Intensive

The core program of our Feng Shui School is the 7-Day Feng Shui Intensive, which represents the first part of our comprehensive Feng Shui Certification Training. This program is empowering, professional and highly inspirational. The unique 7-Day Feng Shui Intensive is intended for serious students who want to include Feng Shui principles in their daily work and life. The 7-Day FS Intensive is open to students at all levels, with no pre-requisite training required. Whether you take it for personal or professional enrichment or to build a Feng Shui Career, the training  is designed to be an intensive learning and growing experience.  Students experience a high level of intensity and personal connectedness. Field trips, multiple experiential exercises, small design projects, qi cultivation exercises and guided meditation are woven together into a rich and colorful Feng Shui tapestry. See Course Description and Schedule

Certified Feng Shui Practitioner Training

The first step towards certification is  the 7-Day Feng Shui Intensive. Upon successful completion you are ready to embark on the second step, the self-study program of the Emerald Feng Shui Institute Feng Shui Certification Training. The self-study is designed to be completed within 12 to 24 months maximum, allowing you to study at home at your own pace. During this phase students work on actual case studies, conduct live Feng Shui consultations, and complete assignments specially designed to support a future Feng Shui Career. Mentoring and personal guidance are provided throughout the entire self-study phase. See Course Description and Schedule

Advanced Feng Shui And Guest Speaker Programs

At the Emerald Feng Shui Institute we believe that Feng Shui is more than an art of placing and arranging furniture and buildings, it is a way of life, a journey, an ever-evolving path. Our Advanced Feng Shui Seminars and Guest Speaker Programs support this approach and serve to further deepen and enrich your Feng Shui career/knowledge. We offer subjects such as Feng Shui Design for Home and Office Spaces, I Ching, Feng Shui Astrology, Qi Cultivation With Sheng Zhen Qigong, and others. All subjects promote balance and harmony of the inner and outer environments; an abundance mentality in everyday living; a receptive, alert mind, and an awakened soul. Unless otherwise noted, advanced seminars are open to everyone with a genuine interest in personal growth and healthy living. See Course Description and Schedule

About the Founder And Director

Gisela Stehr holds an MA in Architecture and practiced architecture for over ten years, designing residences, schools, offices and medical facilities. In the early nineties the focus of her work shifted to the art and science of Feng Shui. She studied this ancient art in China, (participating in the first International Feng Shui Study Tour) Japan, and Bali with some of the world’s best-known masters including William Spear, Roger Green, Denise Lynn, Joseph Yu, and R.D. Chin among others. Ms Stehr is one of a select few people worldwide who completed the rigorous 3-1/2-year Professional Certification Training in Intuitive Feng Shui® with William Spear. She also took practitioner’s space clearing training with Karen Kingston, and several intensive dowsing courses with Eric Dowsett in personal clearing and clearing of harmful earth energies.

In 1996 Ms Stehr started the Feng Shui Consulting Firm Cre8tive Feng Shui of which she has since been the principal. The focus of all her work is on healthy, prosperous living, respecting the environment and harmonizing the energetics of people, places and sites. A consultation with Ms Stehr will transform your home and work environments into vital and inspiring spaces that support you in your most cherished aspirations. She uniquely combines her architectural design skills with her ability to intuitively sense and evaluate energy flow and spatial qualities, always with the utmost respect and integrity for her clients’s concerns. Ancient Feng Shui principles are harmoniously woven into individual living styles.

In 2004 Gisela Stehr made a long-time dream of hers a reality with the founding of the Emerald Feng Shui Institute, now qualified and acknowleged as a Gold Member Feng Shui School by the International Feng Shui Guild. After having taught Feng Shui and related subjects for many years at diverse public and private institutions including the American Institute of Architects, The Eco Building Guild, the University of Washington Women’s Center, the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Mercer Island Community Center and many others, the ever-growing demand and her passion for teaching compelled Ms Stehr to open her Feng Shui School, thereby making this invaluable life skill available to the general public.

An active Red Ribbon Professional Member of the International Feng Shui Guild since 1998, Ms Stehr served for several years on the IFSG Education Committee and assisted in setting standards for the training of professional Feng Shui Consultants. The programs at the Emerald Feng Shui Institute have been developed over several years of teaching and lecturing. The content is of highest quality, exploring the deep interconnectedness of universal principles as they play out in nature and in human affairs.