Feng Shui Consultations with Gisela Stehr

When is a feng shui consultation advisable?

  • When your home or work environment doesn’t feel right
  • When you go through a major life transition, relationship break-up or else
  • When planning to remodel your home or business
  • When you start design on a new home or office space
  • When lots of clutter is present and taking over your life
  • When you move into new living or business quarters
  • When disturbing energies are present on site
  • When planning to sell or buy your home or business
  • When one or several aspects of your life or business are troublesome

What can a feng shui consultation do for me?

  • Restore a proper yin-yang balance in your space and create harmony and overall well-being
  • Adjust any areas where the flow of chi is blocked or stagnating for better flow of career and life
  • Create a more productive and harmonious working environment in your business
  • Activate specific areas in your space to improve and invigorate aspects in your life, such as prosperity, relationships, career or health
  • Determine most beneficial room and office arrangements to maximize your potential or help facilitate a major change in your life or business
  • Help you design your remodel or new building so that it supports and reflects all your life’s aspirations.
  • Determine and clear any potential geopathic stress and thereby increase your health and vitality
  • Determine the life cycle you or your business are in and the proper timing for new projects or move
  • Facilitate the sale of your home more quickly

What can I expect from a feng shui consultation with you?

As a feng shui consultant I come to your home or business to evaluate its location, its exterior and interior from the perspective of the ancient art of feng shui.  With deep intuitive sensing I connect to your space and make recommendations for any adjustments necessary to create healthy chi flow into and through your space, to activate and energize your specific areas of concern.  Prior to my visit I will conduct a telephone interview with you to acquire the necessary information for me to conduct an effective consultation and I will ask you to send me a floor and or site plan of your space.  This basic feng shui service usually consists of a one-time consultation which includes a follow-up phone call.  An average feng shui consultation lasts 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 hours.

When you are planning a major remodel or building a new space altogether and want to incorporate feng shui principles in your design, it is important to involve my services early on in the design process.  This service can include siting the building, site planning, generating design ideas and strategies, schematic design sketches, and color selection.  Every consultation is unique and will address your very personal needs.  This service will involve an initial meeting much like a basic feng shui consultation and as many follow-up meetings or plan reviews as necessary or desirable.

A space clearing will clear out stagnant and blocked energy and pave the way for new beginnings.  It is very beautiful and effective procedure and will last anywhere between 2-5 hours. This process includes checking for geopathic stress and disturbing emotional energies, and – where possible – the clearing of it.  I highly recommend a space clearing when you are relocating or undergoing a major transition in your life.  It is especially effective for clearing out predecessor’s energy.

Every consultation is treated with the greatest respect for your privacy and in complete confidentiality.  If you want a consultation, but not pay for travel expenses, Gisela Stehr will conduct consultations anywhere in the world, simply send or fax your floor plan and we will connect via telephone, e-mail or in person.  She is fluent in English, French and German

What people have to say about Gisela’s consultations

“Dear Gisela:

“Thank you for immersing yourself in our eight villas project.  Your efforts integrated effectively with the enthusiastic and creative design team we put together.  You helped us understand that doing contemporary design doesn’t necessarily say ‘bad feng shui’.”

“Even though you were involved in the project only during the beginning phase, I feel you contributed greatly to our initial take on the project, to our preparation for our first trip to Shanghai, and to our understanding of the Chinese concept of nature as it relates to buildings and people.”

“By this letter, I would like to recognize your services, professionalism, and the initial guidance and inspiration you gave in terms of feng shui to our eight villas.  You exhibited a sponge-like ability to grasp various design concepts quickly and make an effective connection to the site and buildings so as to give input from the perspective of feng shui in a very short time.” Thomas Frye, Jr., AIA, Principal, August 2005


“I am writing to recommend the services of Gisela Stehr and her services with respect to Feng Shui. Ms. Stehr first came to our house prior to a major remodeling.  We already had an architect and plans.  We sat down with Ms. Stehr and discussed our family and our needs.  To my surprise and delight she presented to us a new design that was completely different yet met all of our expectations.  Not only did it feel perfect for us but nearly every person who enters our house comments on the “feel” of the house.  People describe it as a sanctuary or peaceful place.  They say that it is open yet cozy and that it has good feelings.  Some have even nicknamed our place “the harmony house”.  Our new house has brought us health, happiness, prosperity, and a profound sense of family connectedness.  I am truly grateful for Ms. Stehr’s talents and knowledge and for the time she took helping us transform our house to our home.”
With respect and appreciation, Karen B.
, Gig Harbor, WA


 “We asked Gisela to look over a rough design for our new home.  Based on her insights, we made several drastic changes.  The core area that was so boldly redesigned is definitely the heart of the house and nearly every guest comments on how unusually nice the house “feels”.  Living in this peaceful, productive and functional environment has brought us continuing joy.  Gisela is extremely well versed in the architectural application of feng shui concepts and you will have a long hard search looking for anyone more qualified in this area.  We believe she can contribute very positively to any design project.”
Marilee F. and Peggy. S
., Guemes Island, WA
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“Gisela conducted a space clearing ceremony in a house we were considering selling. The rite was conducted with thought and sincere presence.  Amazingly, the house sold before it was ever listed! The woman in her 70s who bought our house confided after it closed, ‘I have to tell you that I have a friend who would say this is a very “clear” house, do you know what I mean?’ I had to laugh and tell her the story. We have been privileged to sample a good many of Gisela’s talents over the past six years and I am pleased to be able to recommend her many areas of expertise.”
Dee F.
, Seattle, WA
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 “I inherited and moved into my grandparents’ home six and a half years ago, after my grandfather committed suicide in the basement.  The house held an energy of stagnation and negativity.  Forty years of my grandparents’ accumulated clutter overran the basement, closets and surfaces.  My house held an energy of stagnation and negativity.  What precipitated my working with Gisela was a break-in at my house.  I could no longer avoid the negative energies and fear associated with my house.  Gisela’s visit to my house changed that all.  Her consultation left me inspired and with renewed vitality.  In a comparatively short time period I was able to let go of a tremendous amount of clutter and to do all the projects, painting and re-arranging my rooms as per Gisela’s suggestions.  There was such a light energy around the house.  All through the process Gisela made herself available as a source of support, continued encouragement and gave more specific advice over the phone as needed.  My house is now transformed, I feel like my house is brand new, I feel at peace and look forward to returning home at the end of the day.”
Sincerely, Anna R.
, Seattle, WA


“My husband and I were very pleased with the feng shui consult provided by Gisela Stehr.  Since my husband is a structural engineer, we were additionally impressed with her abilities to communicate regarding the architecture of our home and possible design improvements. We were able to implement most of her advice and enjoy the results now that we are living in it.“
Sincerely, Lisa B.
, Kent, WA

Thank you for inquiring about my services. I look forward to hearing from you.